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Simple Saturday: The Intro

Way back on Monday I posted about some new simplification efforts in our home, based on reading Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne, as well as hearing what my instincts have been trying to tell me.

I want to do more than flirt with this idea. I want to change the way we do stuff, the way we live in chaos, and the things we define as important. It’s a tall order, and I don’t think that last sentence was quite was quite as articulate as I would like.

Because I want a place to be accountable in this new parenting and housekeeping adventure (and because I really, really love alliterations), my plan is to detail these attempts at simplification here on Simple Saturday.

Here’s an overview of some of the upcoming adventures here at Chez Simple:

*How we go about paring down the toys and books, and what the results of that are. As I write this, I hear Papa-Bug having the daily battle with Brother-Bug to pick up the morass of toys that creeps ever-spreading across the floor. There is just too much stuff to feel anything but overwhelmed when we think about picking up. And I’m a grown-up – how overwhelming it must be for a kid!

*Talking to grandparents, god-parents, and other family members about this change and how they can support us (mostly by not buying us stuff). Can we do it tactfully? I wonder if the gift-givers will join us joyfully in our mission, or if I will be seen as an over-sensitive, controlling parent. Either way is okay with me, though I would prefer the former…

*Reports of how we have reduced or changed our relationships to media and technology and how that is working out for us.

*How simplification is affecting the relationships in our happy home.

*Reviews of books and blogs and other tools we use or explore.

And probably so much more!

I’m really looking forward to the future and the changes. Does any one out there want to join me in clearing and simplifying? What are your adventures? What is your advice?


The sailboat at the top is courtesy of Sister-Bug who climbed on my lap while I was writing, insisting that this post needed a “big boat”. What a clown she is.


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  1. Good luck on your journey. It will be wonderful. I loved the book and have been simplifying ever since. Can't wait to read about progress:)

  2. LOL…I just realized we have the same blog design:)

  3. We used the "time capsule" strategy that you mentioned in a previous post. It's pretty effective; after only a few months, what is old can become new again. Try inviting Arthur to participate directly: for each item he puts back into the "time capsule," he can take one out and bring it into the house. I found it difficult to get family to respect our limits and standards. Whether you can do so will doubtless depend on the existing attitudes of your audience. A few of my extended family members were baffled by requests like "Please, no BPA, items made in China, scented body care items, or clothing with words on." After a single declaration like this, I didn't want to seem ungracious, so we sent thank-yous for all gifts and donated unwanted items to shelters and to Valu Village, where appropriate.

  4. I think I will get the kids to participate AFTER I have done a major sweep of the broken and out-frown toys. Right now just that sort is going to take at least an hour, and I want their attention spans fresh and ready for the "game".

  5. I really like the idea of out-frown toys; toys that are no longer useful for anything but soliciting a frown.

  6. Thank you for understanding the small house that we reside in. So good to see you the other day!


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