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Mindful Monday: Money Matters

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I missed this yesterday. We took an awesome trip to Wildlife Safari yesterday with some grandparents. For twenty bucks (plus the entry fee) you can have an elephant wash your car! It was so very fun.

Anyway. I was busy looking at tigers and lions and giraffes, being mindful in the moment and not thinking about this blog project. Now back to mindful Monday (on Tuesday!).

With the iPhone I can update my bank account and balance our checking account fast and daily. And that is what this week’s Monday intention is all about.

Who: Me
What: Daily financial tracking
Why: We run so close to the wire and save little. I believe that daily tracking can help me change some of our spending patterns.
How: I use Mint to track spending and I have the app on my phone. My intention is to update it daily. This is a first step toward looking at how and where and when we spend.

And I want to start walking again. I really miss it.

There! Mindful.


On a side note: I really, really love the bookkeeping program. They aren’t paying me to say this. I find it efficient, accurate, and super user friendly. It has taken all the logistical stress out of money management (logging into the bank, hand written tallys, etc.) and leaves me free to process all kinds of non-logistical money stress.


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  1. This is great! I'm a budget watcher, though I use a different program. We're moving into a new phase of our money-d life, too. The wedding wiped us out, and made us realize how important it is to save, to spend on the things we love (like visiting our dear friends) and so on. Maybe we're on a similar journey!


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