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Mindful Monday: Playing the "YES" game

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Sometimes it seems so much easier to say NO. No, you can’t have that for dinner. No, we can’t play that right now. If you have young ones, I’ll bet you are just as good at the No Game as I am. But, truth to tell, I don’t really like playing it. This week we leave for Fair, where my only responsibility is to have fun and enjoy my family (and keep us warm, dry, fed, and hydrated of course). This is a good time to practice saying “YES” when I otherwise might be compelled to say No.

Who: Me, possibly Papa-Bug, as we interact with the kids.

What: Embracing YES as our favorite word to use with the kids.

Why: Positive attitudes are catching and I want all of us to catch this one.

How: This is harder because I don’t have my sights on a concrete action to take. This is more esoteric than I usually work with. My goal for the week is to identify the events and times I give a knee-jerk NO, and analyze why that time and place. What is going on for me? What are the potential outcomes of yes versus no? My further plan is to refine this and update this intention the week after Fair. Expect a report back.


Because of the computer issue I wrote about and the learning of the new phone, I am having a hard time getting pictures and formatting just the way I want it. Bear with me and I am sure I will figure it out.


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