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Mindful Monday: Glasses!

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It’s a challenge for me. I’ve never worn glasses and probably won’t for many more years (Thanks MOM!). Glasses aren’t really part of my reality. But Brother-Bug does, and has for two years. This kid has been in glasses since he was two and a half. You’d think I’d be used to it by now.

But no.

I often make it to lunchtime before I realize his face looks strangely naked. This is not good for his eyes. So this Mindful Monday is all about him. And getting those glasses on his face even more consistently.

  • WHO: Brother-Bug and me, possibly with Papa-Bug’s help.
  • WHAT: Glasses on first thing – even before breakfast.
  • WHY: Because they are his glasses and he needs to wear them and DUH.
  • HOW: Before I serve him breakfast I will get his glasses, or have him get them while I prepare breakfast. We will talk about how it really should be the first thing HE does when he wakes up.

That’s it – short and sweet. I think I can do that.


In other news, everything except the washing hands continues in a lovely and productive fashion. The clean hands continue to thwart me, but I continue to try and improve this habit. I just painted the bathroom (which needed it desperately) and I hope that such a clean and lovely space will help inspire me to clean and lovely hands.

I hope.


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