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Mindful Monday: Clean Hands

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Before I go into another mindful intention for myself, let’s look back. I am still doing the three-best-things check in with Brother-Bug. It continues to be a great thing, interesting to me and somewhat challenging to him. Mostly we love the cuddle. My long term hope that it helps him focus on the positive… it’s a little soon to tell.

Last week I had two intentions. Making the bed went fine. I even made it on the day we were planning on washing the sheets that evening – because I knew that the smooth bed would perk me up every time I saw it. And I was right.

I walked three of my four intended walks, and we took a family hike up at Sahalie Falls. It wasn’t a very exercise-y hike (with a one-year old and a four-year old) but it wonderful to be OUT in the woods like that. Both kids loved it.

I am going to continue with all three of these because they are all feeling great. And add another!

  • WHO: Me and the kids (Papa-Bug can play too, if he wants to).
  • WHAT: Always washing hands before eating/cooking.
  • WHY: Because I know that we should but it’s something I never have really enforced. Frankly, it’s something I am lazy about (likely because it’s not something my mom ever enforced). I know we will all be healthier for having clean hands. And I want to give my kids these good habits that I didn’t get…
  • HOW: I will first talk with Brother-Bug about why we have to develop this habit. I will contemplate how to make hand-washing fun (any ideas would be appreciated!) and make sure we have enough soap in the soap dispensers. And then I will have to just take a deep breath and make us all do it. Sister-Bug’s hands will be easy – one of the only things she wants to do is put her hands in running water right now. She’s going to love this one!

So there it is. I admit, I feel a little revealed, admiting that we aren’t good hand washers. But we are going to be, I know it!


Looking around I found  this article about washing hands and making it fun. Now we are looking for a good poster to print and hang in the bathroom.


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